The Innovator in High Frequency Testing

Introbotix is the new name of Introbotics Corporation, an award winning pioneer in High Frequency Testing — including the revolutionary Ci1000 Robotic Impedance Tester, The ACCU-Prober open platform for SPP,  SET2DIL, SET2SEIL and testing services for circuit board development.

STUBView - high resolution, production ready stub defect detection

Introbotix delivers the industry’s first high-resolution stub measurement for production environments. Built on the proven TDR Platform, STUBView provides via stub length testing that can help insure your mission critical wiring boards are performing just as they were designed.

Introbotix is helping to shape the industry with HDPUG

Introbotix is pleased to announce their membership and participation in High Density Packaging User Group (HDPUG) to help shape the future of the printed wiring board industry.

ACCU-Prober HF, now testing up to 50 GHz

Responding to the industry need to test printed wiring boards at the highest frequencies available, ACCU-Prober HF allows manufacturers and developers to perform standard high frequency tests such as SET2DIL at up to 30 GHz and SPP at up to 50 GHz.