About Introbotix

Located in the high desert region of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Introbotix is at the forefront of high frequency PWB testing and research. Introbotix is also a leading supplier of high frequency testing equipment and services for the circuit board industry.

Introbotix is an award winning early innovator in high volume testing with the the patented CI1000™ Automated Controlled Impedance Tester. Introbotix has, in addition, served the circuit board development community with a highly trusted controlled impedance testing service. Now with the introduction of the ACCU-Prober™ Platform, Introbotix is introducing an open platform for high frequency testing for manufacturers and developers alike— meeting the needs of SPP (Short Pulse Propagation), SET2DIL and EBW testing standards.

For further information on the CI1000™, PWB testing, or the ACCU-Prober platform please contact us.