Introbotix Announces Passing of President and CEO, Brian Butler.

With the recent passing of Introbotix founder we honor him and will continue his legacy.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of the Founder of Introbotics Corporation from Earth to Heaven on March 11, 2018.  He persevered in body and spirit for a year and a half, battling against a malignant brain tumor.

Brian established Introbotix in October 1999 after relocating his wife and 2 sons from Massachusetts to New Mexico. He had an insight and a vision for advancing and facilitating the Printed Wiring Board Industry with impedance and loss testing.

Brian was gifted with the talent and passion to design and to construct a robotic testing unit- the CI1000. This technology increased the accuracy and reduced the labor time required to identify and detect faulty boards and provided the PWB Industry with an efficient alternative to traditional testing.

In subsequent years, Brian’s vision for the future needs of the industry led him to create the current ACCU- Prober systems utilizing Delta L, SET2DIL, VNA and Stub View.  

Brian’s passion for the PWB Industry was evident to all – whether it was in discussing standards on technical committees, in writing up white papers and patent documents, in testing circuit boards, in engaging with customers, vendors, and employees, in ‘walking the floor’ at a tradeshow, and in evaluating how Introbotix could assist the industry to strive to higher standards.

Brian was also a man who followed Biblical Principles, as his Christian faith was of utmost importance to him. Those who had opportunity and the privilege to work with Brian may recall his enthusiasm, his business acumen and his technical thinking. He would be the first to tell you that he was only a steward of the business as God was the owner. Brian knew that his talents and skills were gifts from the Lord. In Brian’s relationships- both personally and professionally, he sought to maintain integrity by being honest and trustworthy in conversations and in actions.

Brian will be profoundly missed by all who knew him and by the industry itself, as it has lost a passionate leader that contributed significant value. He was able to not only think creatively but to formulate those theories into concrete application tools. Brian was a leader in the Printed Wiring Board Industry and his legacy continues.  

Today, Introbotix is still at work leading the industry into the future as we stand on the foundational values that Brian established. Our team is committed to our customers: to continue to offer technical support, to create new technology and to provide a high standard of quality and efficiency in our products.

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