CCN Acquires Introbotix: A Natural Fit to Better Serve the PWB Industry.


Albuquerque, NM – January 24, 2020 – Connected Community Networks (CCN) today announces the acquisition of the Introbotix brand and ACCU-Prober™ family of products. 

CCN is a trusted name in the high frequency electronics industry, providing products and services for development, verification and manufacturing. Established in 2005, CCN has been an advocate in the Printed Wiring Board (PWB) industry, with complimentary products and services to Introbotix. CCN has long focused on serving the high frequency electronics developing process, while Introbotix has provided testing for the manufacturing industry. CCN is a natural fit to continue the innovation that Introbotix began after its founder Brian Butler’s passing in 2018. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to continue providing Brian’s products in the circuit board test field, along with his high-quality customer service,” says CCN co-founder, Don DeGroot. “The combination of Introbotix products with CCN products allows us to address the needs of a broader segment of the electronic supply chain.”

“I am grateful that the future of Introbotix is in highly capable hands. Don’s technical expertise and business acumen will assure the continued high standards Brian established. Customers can be confident that the quality of products and services will be continued to maintain the reputation that Introbotix has earned in the PWB industry,” says Christine Butler, CEO of Introbotix.

Futures sales of Introbotix ACCU-Prober™, ACCU-Prober™ VNA and StubView, as well as product upgrades, will continue under the Introbotix brand by CCN. Product information can be found at and inquiries can be directed to

Current warranty support and fulfillment of orders prior to January 1, 2020, as well as legacy Introbotix product inquiries should be directed to

About Introbotix:

Introbotix is an award-winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing—providing the manufacturing and design industry with solutions for production loss testing with the ACCU-Prober open platform.

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