Introbotix showcases TVNA, backdrill defect detection and the ACCU-Prober HF50 at DesignCon 2014.

Santa Clara, CA DesignCon 2014 Booth #545 – Today at DesignCon Expo 2014, Introbotix will be giving the first public demonstration of the new TVNA test method as well as the revolutionary backdrill defect detection system, in addition to higher frequency versions of SPP and SET2DIL measuring at up to 50 GHz on the ACCUProber HF50 open platform.

“DesignCon has been a place where our industry shows off what we have been up to, and we are thrilled for those in our field to get hands-on time with the products we have been hard at work on for the last year. We have heard a lot of buzz about our TDR based backdrill detection, TVNA and our HF series in particular — both from our customers and partners, and we are excited to be showing these at DesignCon.” says Brian Butler, President of Introbotix.

During DesignCon Expo, Wednesday and Thursday, Introbotix engineers will be demonstrating:

ACCUProber HF50 – shown for the first time at DesignCon, the HF50 is the newest higher frequency configuration of the popular ACCU-Prober open platform. The HF50 expands the frequency range of the incorporated test methods to 50GHz, utilizing the same operation, software look-and-feel and footprint as the original ACCU-Prober.

SPP testing up to 50GHz, SET2DIL testing to 30Ghz – responding to the request from industry for higher frequency testing for a new generation of high speed electronics, the ACCU-Prober HF50 allows for SPP up to 50GHZ and SET2DIL testing to 30GHz.

TVNA – A new, Introbotix developed testing method, TVNA delivers results that correlate to VNA, but at a fraction of the cost. TVNA is a TDR based loss testing method that is probe independent, simple to operate and takes just minutes to calibrate. Running on the ACCUProber HF50, TVNA results are able to be measured up to 50 GHz.

Backdrill Defect Detection – An effective means to measure backdrill stub length and defects has been elusive for over a decade. But now utilizing TVNA, Introbotix has developed a backdrill defect detection method that is 100% TDR based and ideally suited for production environments.

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing—providing the manufacturing and design industry with solutions for production loss testing with the ACCU-Prober open platform and the CI1000 robotic tester.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO