High Frequency Testing Pioneer Introbotics Corporation has changed their name to Introbotix

Introbotix introduces a new logo and renewed focus on meeting the needs of manufacturers of High Frequency PWB Testing

Albuquerque – April 6, 2011 – Introbotix today introduced a new name, corporate identity, website and renewed focus on meeting the needs of PWB (Printed Wiring Boards) manufacturers and developers.

Introbotix unveiled their new name to help emphasize their desire to meet manufacturing needs. “Previously we were hanging our hat on our robotic products and services, and while that is still a large part of our business, we wanted to clearly communicate that we are now about more than just robotics,” said Brian Butler, founder of Introbotix. The new logo incorporates “circuit board green” with a stylized signal path emphasizing the point-to-point circuit board testing.

“We have been a highly trusted partner in the circuit board development community, and now, largely at the request of our industry partners, we are bringing our high frequency testing expertise to circuit board manufacturers as well,” said Brian Butler.

Introbotix has developed many of the high frequency production testing methods in use today by PWB manufacturers and developers, such as the IPC standard EBW (equivalent bandwidth loss) and SPP (Single Pulse Propagation). For years leading developers have utilized Introbotix’s testing services and the award winning CI1000 Automated Controlled Impedance Tester. Now, Introbotix is enabling manufacturers to benefit from their expertise with the affordable ACCU-Prober Open Platform. The expandable ACCU-Prober Platform is designed to meet the high frequency testing needs of circuit board manufacturers with SPP (Single Pulse Propagation), SET2DIL and EBW configurations. (More information about the ACCU-Prober platform can be found at https://www.introbotix.com)

Introbotix’s new web site, introbotix.com is now live, with the initial launch introducing the name change, logo and a downloadable data sheet of ACCU-Prober Open Platform with SPP (Single Pulse Propagation), SET2DIL and EBW configurations. The web site content will be expanded starting Spring 2011, with complete product descriptions, white papers, video demonstrations as well as availability in multiple languages.

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer in High Frequency Testing — providing testing services for circuit board development and now delivering solutions for manufacturing with the ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO