Introbotix announces ACCU-Prober™ VNA

Albuquerque, NM – May 12, 2017 -Introbotix today announces the availability of ACCU-Prober™ VNA designed to meet the latest production test standards of Delta-L with Eigenvalues. Building on the legendary ease of use of ACCU-Prober and leveraging quick calibrating VNA from Keysight Technologies, ACCUProber VNA gives production environments a straightforward method of ensuring printed wiring boards are meeting the strictest quality standards by utilizing the long favored VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) to measure S-parameters. The system includes 2L and 3L implementation of the Delta-L test method. Also included are the measurement results quality metrics that are part of the latest generation of Delta-L.

“Delta-L has emerged as one of the up-and-coming testing methods in the production industry, and more recently Eigenvalues—that take advantage of VNA generated S-parameters—has come to the forefront of testing standards. We are excited to have combined the easy of use of ACCU-Prober together with a quick calibrating VNA for the first time to our customers” says Brian Butler, founder of Introbotix.


ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L

Includes ACCU-Prober VNA testing software with summary report and waveform viewing capabilities. Requires a Keysight VNA, Keysight ECal Module, Windows PC, cables and compatible probes.

ACCU-Prober VNA Production Kit

Includes Introbotix Foot Pedal Control for ACCU-Prober and Production Ready High Frequency Coax Cables.


All configurations of the ACCU-Prober VNA are available today. For a detailed quote or more information, visit

About Introbotix:

Introbotix is an award-winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing—providing testing services for circuit board development and now delivering solutions for manufacturing with the ACCU-Prober open platform.

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Christine Butler, CEO