Introbotix announces ACCU-Prober with TVNA™

Introbotix announces ACCU-Prober with TVNA™: A new method for testing attenuation in a production setting with excellent correlation to VNA measurements.


Albuquerque, NM – Introbotix announces ACCU-Prober with TVNA™, a new configuration of the popular high frequency loss testing platform. TVNA is an Introbotix developed test method that utilizes high frequency TDR measurements to produce insertion and return loss data. In studies, data produced with TVNA showed an excellent correlation with measurements taken by a traditional network analyzer. TVNA is also probe independent and can be used with any comparable probe solution, such as microwave probes or launch connectors. Incorporated into the ACCU-Prober open platform, the result is a robust system capable of high volume testing while delivering measurements previously only available from a laboratory.

ACCU-Prober with TVNA measures frequencies from .05 GHZ to 20GHz in the standard configuration. In the ACCU-Prober HF, the bandwidth is increased to 30GHZ (HF30) or 50 GHZ (HF50). TVNA can be used alongside other industry standard testing methods supported by the ACCU-Prober, including SPP and SET2DIL.


The ACCU-Prober with TVNA is available as a standalone product or an upgrade to existing ACCU-Prober and ACCU-Prober HF systems.

An information sheet on ACCU-Prober with TVNA can be downloaded at Further information about TVNA can be found at

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing—providing the manufacturing and design industry with solutions for production loss testing with the ACCU-Prober open platform and the CI1000 robotic tester.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO