Introbotix announces Back Drill testing for CI1000™

The CI1000 expands PWB testing capabilities to include a revolutionary back drill stub length detection system at resolutions up to 0.006 inches.


Albuquerque – October 18, 2013 – Introbotix announces back drill length testing as part of the CI1000 Robotic Controlled Impedance test system. Adding to the already powerful TDR measurement testing capabilities of the CI1000, testing for proper back drill length is a critical component for manufacturers to minimize signal integrity issues in printed wiring boards.

“Finding a method to measure back drill length has been elusive for the last decade. We have developed the first commercially viable system for measuring back drill length utilizing the TDR measurement capabilities of the CI1000. Not only is back drill length accurately measured at resolution of up to 0.006 inches, but these measurements can also be completed on 100% of batch jobs” says Brian Butler, founder of Introbotix.

As printed circuit board frequencies have increased, measuring attenuation, or signal loss, has become an essential metric of product development as well as manufacturing quality control. The CI1000 is a trusted solution for testing impedance of boards, coupons, prototypes and 100% testing of batch jobs. The CI1000 is an easy to learn and operate system that includes computer guidance software, test results storage, test failure alerts with results reporting locally or over a network.

The CI1000 with back drill testing is available immediately in new configurations and as an upgrade to existing CI1000 systems. More information about the CI1000, including a video demonstration, can be found at

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing— creators of the CI1000 Robotic Controlled Impedance Tester and ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO