Introbotix expands high frequency testing to 50 GHz with ACCU-Prober HF


Albuquerque – September 25, 2013 – Introbotix announces the launch of ACCU-Prober™ HF, a higher frequency configuration of the industry standard high frequency test system, capable of measuring attenuation and impedance at frequencies up to 50 GHZ. Responding to the industry need to test printed wiring boards at the highest frequencies available, ACCU-Prober HF allows manufacturers and developers to perform standard high frequency tests such as SET2DIL at up to 30 GHz and SPP at up to 50 GHz.

“We are very excited about our ability to offer industry the same open platform in the ACCU-Prober™ format but now testing at higher frequencies. All the existing measurement capabilities from impedance, propagation delay, EBW, SET2DIL and SPP are all available at up to 30 GHz and up to 50 GHz.” said Brian Butler, president of Introbotix.

As printed wiring board frequencies have continued to increase, measuring signal loss, or attenuation, has become essential in the manufacturing process. With the release of ACCU-Prober HF, Introbotix continues it’s history of high frequency innovation and responding to the needs of the ever changing industry.

The ACCU-Prober HF is availably today in the following configurations:

ACCU-Prober™ HF30 for SET2DIL – Includes compliance with SET2DIL (Sdd21 Differential Insertion Loss), SET2SEIL, impedance, propagation delay and EBW at frequencies up to 30GHz.

ACCU-Prober™ HF50 for SPP – Fully licensed by IBM to measure Short Pulse Propagation (SPP), impedance, propagation delay and EBW at frequencies up to 50GHz.

ACCU-Prober HF Video:
Brian Butler introduces the ACCU-Prober HF with demonstrations of SPP and SET2DIL testing. The 5 minute video is viewable at

ACCU-Prober HF30 for SET2DIL and ACCU-Prober HF50 for SPP, as well as other configurations are available today. An information sheet on ACCU-Prober HF can be downloaded at

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer and industry leader in high frequency testing—providing testing services for circuit board development and now delivering solutions for manufacturing with the ACCU-Prober open platform.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO