Introbotix launches ACCU-Prober™ for SET2SEIL

The ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform expands with the latest Intel® created high frequency testing method for manufacturers and designers.

Albuquerque – June 26, 2013 – Introbotix announces the launch of ACCU-Prober™ for SET2SEIL as a new configuration to the successful ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform. SET2SEIL is an Intel® create testing method for measuring Single-Ended Interconnect Loss in the quality control of printed wiring board manufacturing. ACCU-Prober™ for SET2SEIL is available as a new configuration as well as an upgrade for existing ACCU-Prober™ for SET2DIL systems.

“We are excited to be adding SET2SEIL capabilities to the ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform. When we released the ACCU-Prober™ as an open ended platform, we wanted to ensure it could grow with the industry as new methodologies are developed. With the addition of SET2SEIL, we are able to give manufacturers and designers the ability to perform a variety of high-frequency testing in house”, says Brian Butler, founder of Introbotix.

As printed circuit board frequencies have increased, measuring attenuation, or signal loss, has become an essential metric of product development as well as manufacturing quality control. The ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform has become a trusted tool for engineers and leading wiring board manufacturers in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States.

“The ACCU-Prober™ is a systems that can be deployed in many configurations. Manufacturing facilities can standardize on a single device with a consistent interface and footprint to measure impedance, prop delay, SET2DIL, SET2SEIL, EBW, SPP and future standards currently in development,” says Brian Butler. “Existing ACCU-Prober™ systems are easily upgradable to SET2SEIL, which gives manufacturers and designers the opportunity to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.”

The ACCU-Prober™ for SET2SEIL is available as an add-on to any ACCU-Prober™ configuration:

ACCU-Prober™ Standard measures impedance, propagation delay and velocity as well as equivalent bandwidth loss (EBW)

ACCU-Prober™ for SPP – Fully licensed by IBM to measure Short Pulse Propagation (SPP), and capabilities of ACCU-Prober™ for SET2DIL and ACCU-Prober™ Standard.

ACCU-Prober™ for SET2DIL – Includes compliance with Intel-created SET2DIL (Sdd21 Differential Insertion Loss), and capabilities of ACCU-Prober™ Standard.

All configurations of ACCU-Prober™ are available today with details at

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer and industry leader in High Frequency Testing—providing testing services for circuit board development and now delivering solutions for manufacturing with the ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform.

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Christine Butler, CEO