Introbotix launches ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform high frequency test solution

The ACCU-Prober™ gives manufacturers an affordable and upgradeable SPP, SET2DIL and EBW high frequency testing system.

Albuquerque – April 6, 2011 – Introbotix today announces the launch of the ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform and first shipment of ACCU-Prober™ for SET2DIL. The ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform allows manufacturers to comply with the new high frequency testing standards of SPP (short pulse propagation), SET2DIL as well as EBW (equivalent bandwidth loss).

“We are excited about the first shipment of ACCU-Prober Open Platform. Our desire has been to give manufacturers the ability to meet the demands of high-frequency testing at an affordable price, and by delivering our first ACCU-Prober™ for SET2DIL we have realized that promise,” said Brian Butler, founder of Introbotix.

As printed circuit board frequencies have increased to multiple gigahertz, high frequency attenuation testing has become an essential part of quality control in manufacturing. Therefore, Introbotix developed the TDR Measurement based ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform to meet not only today’s testing requirements, but also the higher frequency needs of the future—up to 20 Ghz.

“Because ACCU-Prober™ is a platform, not a single purpose product, manufacturing facilities can purchase a single device that can be adapted to measure impedance, prop delay, EBW, SPP, SET2DIL and future standards currently in development,” says Brian Butler. “The ACCU-Prober gives manufacturers the unique opportunity to meet today’s needs and remain upgradable to the needs of tomorrow.”

The ACCU-Prober™ is available in 3 configurations:

ACCU-Prober™ Standard measures impedance, propagation delay and velocity as well as equivalent bandwidth loss (EBW)

ACCU-Prober™ for SPP is fully licensed by IBM and has all the capabilities of Standard plus the ability to measure Short Pulse Propagation (SPP).

ACCU-Prober for SET2DIL™ also has the features of the Standard plus it allows compliance with the Intel-created SET2DIL (Sdd21 Differential Insertion Loss).

The three configurations of ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform are available today. A complete information sheet can be downloaded at

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer in High Frequency Testing — providing testing services for circuit board development and now delivering solutions for manufacturing with the ACCU-Prober™ Open Platform.

Media Contacts:
Christine Butler, CEO