The Single-source Testing Solution for Impedance, SPP, SET2DIL, TVNA® and Delta-L

TDR and VNA Based High Frequency Testing

ACCU-Prober from Introbotix is an open platform TDR and VNA measurement system designed to meet and exceed today’s testing needs as well at those of the future.  It is compliant with most widely used standards in manufacturing and design and is able to test to frequencies as high as 50GHz.

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Higher Tier Performance — up to 50GHz

Responding to the needs of industry the ACCU-Prober HF30 & HF50 brings high frequency measurements up to 50GHz. While beneficial for any testing methodology, the HF30 is well suited for the next generation of SET2DIL, while the HF50 is designed for higher performance SPP, TVNA, Delta-L, and Impedance testing.

An Open Platform Built For The Future

Because ACCU-Prober is a TDR measurement platform, not a single purpose product, the ACCU-Prober allows manufacturing and design facilities to consolidate standard test methods into a single form factor. The ACCU-Prober can deliver results from .25 GHz up to 50 GHz and is available in configurations that measure impedance, propagation delay, SPP, SET2DIL, SET2SEIL, Delta-L, TVNA and future standards currently in development.

Created for Manufacturing Environments

The ACCU-Prober is designed with manufacturing in mind. The ACCU-Prober TDR Static Isolation Unit fits precisely under the included Tektronix oscilloscope allowing a smaller footprint and eliminating long cables. The software interface is large and readable at a distance, with foot pedal control. The probe handle is contoured for comfort with a slip resistant rubber grip and houses a standard manual microprobe.

From the Innovator in High Frequency Testing

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer in high frequency testing — providing testing services for circuit board development and manufacturing.