One Platform, Many Configurations

ACCU-Prober with TDR

ACCU-Prober TDR configurations include a 2 or 4 port SIU (Static Isolation Unit), with USB communications to a host PC, foot pedal control, Summary Report Writing Software and Waveform Viewing Software.

ACCU-Prober with TDR Impedance

The ACCU-Prober with TDR Impedance provides both single and differential impedance measurements, plus propagation delay, velocity and EBW (max slope) loss. Includes 2 TDR probes for measurement and automation software.
Available Frequencies:  20GHz, 30GHz, 50 GHz
Compliant with TM-650 & standard test methods (Including the new LPE Impedance Test Method).

ACCU-Prober with TVNA®

This Introbotix developed TDR testing method, TVNA®, provides fast and simple calibration, is probe independent and correlates to VNA (vector network analyzer) insertion and return loss results. TVNA capability is also available as an add-on to any ACCU-Prober configuration.
Available Frequencies:  20GHz, 30GHz, 50 GHz
Compliant with TM-650 standard test method.

ACCU-Prober with SET2DIL

ACCU-Prober with SET2DIL measures Sdd21 differential insertion loss using the most current bidirectional SET2DIL methodologies. SET2SEIL is available as an add-on.
Available Frequencies:  20GHz, 30GHz
Fully compliant with the SET2DIL standard (Intel & IPC TM-650 ).

ACCU-Prober with SPP

ACCU-Prober with SPP is designed to meet the growing need for Short Pulse Propagation testing of today’s high frequency printed wiring boards, fully licensed by SPP’s developer, IBM.  It can be configured with two hand held probes to measure single-ended and differential loss.  Frequency dependent DK(f) and DF (f) is also provided.
Available Frequencies:  20GHz, 30GHz, 50 GHz
Fully licensed solution by IBM and is compliant with IPC TM-650

ACCU-Prober with Delta-L

ACCU-Prober with Delta-L provides access to this emerging testing methodology with a highly efficient coupon design that is 5 times smaller than traditional Delta-L coupons.  Delta-L is available as an add-on to any ACCU-Prober.
Available Frequencies:  20GHz, 30GHz, 50 GHz

ACCU-Prober VNA Configuration

ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L

Utilizing S-paramaters and eigenvalues ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L allows loss measurements based on the latest Delta-L standards. This includes ACCU-Prober testing software with summary report and waveform viewing capabilities and requires a Windows PC, Keysight VNA, Keysight ECal, cables and compatible probes.

ACCU-Prober VNA Production Kit

To make your ACCU-Prober VNA ready for the production environment, the Production Kit includes Foot Pedal Control and Production Ready High Frequency Coax Cables.