ACCU-Prober™ VNA — Making S-parameter Delta-L testing easy to use and ready for production.

VNA Based High Frequency Testing is now easy to use.

ACCU-Prober VNA from Introbotix takes advantage of the the long favored Vector Network Analyzer and combines it with quick calibration and the popular ACCU-Prober production test system to create a solution that meets the latest needs of the printed wiring board industry.

Meeting the latest Delta-L standard

Utilizing S-paramaters and eigenvalures ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L allows meeting the lastest Delta-L standards.

An Affordable Solution

ACCU-Prober VNA allows you to bring your own components together to quickly get up to speed. Together with ACCU-Prober VNA software, your own Keysight VNA, Keysight eCal module, cables and probes complete the system. When you are ready for production, the Production Kit adds the Introbotix foot pedal control and production ready high frequency cables.

Created for Manufacturing Environments

The ACCU-Prober is designed with manufacturing in mind. The ACCU-Prober VNA leverages the quick calibration VNA from Keysight Technologies. Instead of possibly taking hours, ACCU-Prober VNA can be calibrated in just moments. Featuring the same ACCU-Prober interface used in test systems the world over, the user interface is large and readable at a distance with foot pedal control.

From the Innovator in High Frequency Testing

Introbotix is an award winning pioneer in high frequency testing — providing testing services for circuit board development and manufacturing.

ACCU-Prober VNA Configuration

ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L

Utilizing S-paramaters and eigenvalues ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L allows loss measurements based on the latest Delta-L standards. This includes ACCU-Prober testing software with summary report and waveform viewing capabilities and requires a Windows PC, Keysight VNA, Keysight ECal, cables and compatible probes.

ACCU-Prober VNA Production Kit

To make your ACCU-Prober VNA ready for the production environment, the Production Kit includes Foot Pedal Control and Production Ready High Frequency Coax Cables.