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Note: The CI1000 is a legacy Introbotix product and new units are not being manufacturered.
If you are interested in purchasing our in-house unit, please contact or call ‭(505) 345-7785‬ .

The CI1000 Robotic Controlled Impedance Tester

The CI1000 from Introbotix is the perfect testing and reporting solution for boards, coupons, prototypes and 100% testing of batch jobs. The CI1000 is an easy to learn and operate system that includes computer guidance software, test results storage, test failure alerts with results reporting locally or over a network. The CI1000 is compliant with the following test standards:

• IPC TM-650 (IPC-2141)
• Intel (Rambus) PCB Test Methodology
• IEC 326-3 (IEC 61188) Controlled Impedance

Run-Test capability

Run-Test capability is used for quick and simple runs. The tester delivers numerical impedance results.

Run and Config capability

enables a standard or custom test specification with guided steps or imported CAD/CAM file. Propagation Delay and TDR waveform data collection can be selected. Test coupons (pre-routed or in- panel), panels, or individual boards can all be accommodated.

Differential Measurements

are provided by the simultaneous generation of coupled TDR pulses. This simple, very effective technique provides true differential measurement. The probe calibration procedure eliminates probe-induced errors.


Measurement Automation

accuracy is ensured by taking up to eight (8) measurements per test point. Automatic fault detection eliminates false data production. Measurement automation ensures a very repeatable measurement process.

Intranet Network Support

provides access to the test database, all reports and results and the WaveView viewer. CAD/CAM data can be downloaded to the CI1000™ to set up the computer guidance screen and set all test parameters. Report Writer and WaveView screens can be viewed and sent through your network.

CI1000 Test Results

All test results are stored in a relational database for local or remote access. The test results can be correlated by: Time of tests, Test operator, Location of tests, Customer, In-process or final, Serial number, Test facility, Job or work order and TDR Waveform Viewer™

CI1000 Test Suites

Single-ended and Differential Measurements for: Mean/Min/Max Impedance, Propagation Delay & Velocity, Effective Dielectric Constant (Er), Interconnect Loss (Equivalent Bandwidth -3db), and TDR Waveforms.