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Note: The CI1000 is a legacy Introbotix product and new units are not being manufacturered.
If you are interested in purchasing our in-house unit, please contact or call ‭(505) 345-7785‬ .

CI1000 Features

CI1000 Waveform Viewer™

TDR waveforms can be captured for each test point, viewed off-line, and sent electronically to your engineers or customers. The WaveView viewer allows easy selection of the impedance measurement zone and dynamically recalculates impedance for each selected zone. The viewer displays controlled impedance, propagation delay, and dielectric constant information for each trace. End and midpoint VIA affects are displayed and a dynamic cursor provides readouts of impedance along the entire trace. Printouts can be produced for documentation purposes.

CI1000 Test Results

All test results are stored in a relational database for local or remote access. The test results can be correlated by:
• Time of tests , Test operator, Location of tests, Customer, In-process or final, Serial number, Test facility, Job or work order
• TDR Waveform Viewer

HFT Report Writer

Reports can be generated locally or sent over the net. Extensive data sorting capability is provided to support process analysis. Hardcopy printouts and electronic outputs are available in the following formats:
Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf)

CI1000 Probe Tips

Introbotix patented probe tips are rugged and have extremely high-performance electrical characteristics. The 35 ρsec rise and 50 ρsec fall times gives trace resolution as short as 1/2” and as long as 100 ft.