Testing Method: Delta-L

Delta-L is an emerging test methodology that accurately calculates the loss of PCB interconnects. As a production test method, Delta-L defines the measurement of insertion loss on two-(2) coupon traces with different lengths (e.g., 10cm and 3cm). The ratio of the losses in relationship to the length difference produces a value in dB/inch that minimizes the loss through the launch structures (e.g., vias). Delta-L is able to be utilized for loss measurements on single ended or differential interconnects.
Delta-L is also probe independent and can be used with any comparable probe solution, such as microwave probes or launch connectors. Incorporated into the ACCU-Prober open platform, the result is a robust system capable of high volume testing while delivering measurements previously only available from a laboratory.

ACCU-Prober with Delta-L

Introbotix has extensive experience in measuring S-parameters utilizing TDR measurements and has developed a revolutionary Delta-L solution utilizing the ease of use and affordable ACCU-Prober Open Platform. Introbotix has developed a highly efficient Delta-L coupon design that is 5x smaller than other Delta-L coupons, allowing them to easily fit with most production panels. ACCU-Prober with Delta-L is available a stand alone configuration or as an upgrade to an existing 4-port ACCU-Prober.

ACCU-Prober VNA with Delta-L

ACCU-Prober™ VNA designed to meet the latest production test standards of Delta-L with Eigenvalues. Building on the legendary ease of use of ACCU-Prober and leveraging quick calibrating VNA from Keysight Technologies, ACCUProber VNA gives production environments a straightforward method of ensuring printed wiring boards are meeting the strictest quality standards by utilizing the long favored VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) to measure S-parameters. The system includes 2L and 3L implementation of the Delta-L test method. Also included are the measurement results quality metrics that are part of the latest generation of Delta-L.