Testing Method: TVNA™


TVNA is an Introbotix developed test method that utilizes high frequency TDR measurements to produce insertion and return loss data. In studies, data produced with TVNA showed an excellent correlation with measurements taken by a traditional network analyzer.

TVNA is also probe independent and can be used with any comparable probe solution, such as microwave probes or launch connectors. Incorporated into the ACCU-Prober open platform, the result is a robust system capable of high volume testing while delivering measurements previously only available from a laboratory.

ACCUProber with TVNA

TVNA is available as a configuration of the ACCUProber platform or as an upgrade to any existing ACCUProber. Because it is probe independent, no additional probes are required.

ACCUProber for TVNA software is based on the manufacturing friendly ACCUProber software. Foot pedal operation allows for hands free control and text based data results are easily shared with any file sharing system.

ACCUProber HF30 or HF50 with TVNA

Responding to the industry need for testing at ever increasing frequencies, the ACCU-Prober is available in HF30 and HF50 configurations. These allow TVNA measurements to be taken at up to 30 GHz and 50 GHz respectively.